Rules (Updated: November 8th, 2015)

General off-topic stuffs goes here.
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Rules (Updated: November 8th, 2015)

Postby Alice » December 24th, 2014, 1:55 am

Site Rules

Fairly simple and straight forward. The rules should pretty much be a no-brainer. See the second post for an in-depth explanation of the site's custom bbcode and how to use it. (Note: Anything with a dark blue background is an addition added in the latest update.)

Introduction to the site's bbcode
Custom Post Layouts

Main rules:
  • Don't flame or insult people
  • Don't be disrespectful. If you can't be nice to others at least don't be rude.
  • Don't spam outside the Trash Heap
  • Refrain from shitposting
  • Posting nsfw is fine AS LONG A YOU PROPERLY USE NSFW TAGS AND IS RELEVANT TO THE THREAD AT HAND See here for an example of how to use NSFW tags. Porn-centric threads are not allowed however.
  • Keep reasonably on-topic
  • Keep drama from other sites to those sites. Even if it's some of the same people here, this is still a different community so let's try to keep those issues separate as much as possible. (This includes giving people who have been ostracized on another site a chance to prove themselves to be alright here.)
  • More to come as people think of things I forgot

Subforum specific rules:

LP Subforum

This subforum is just for discussing Iso's LPs. Off-topic discussion would go in either General Perversion or The Trash Heap.

If you make an LP thread you need to actually take care of it. Link each episode (preferably with the link being the episode's name), link the game itself if relevant, and if there's a playlist you should link that so future viewers can more easily watch all the episodes without having to open each one in a separate tab. (Playlists don't always get made within the first week so it's something you'll want to keep an eye on.)

If there is demand for it, LP threads for other LPers can be created. They will likely be limited to one thread per LPer however.

General Perversion

General off-topic discussion goes here. Game discussion, current events, etc.

Exhibition Alley

Post your WIP or completed romhacks here as well as standalone games you're working on. Collaborations can also go here.

The Trash Heap

Off-topic discussion which doesn't really warrant active discussion goes here. "Rate the above user's avatar", "let's count to 12 billion", "reply to the above user's signature" and such are examples.
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Re: Global rules

Postby Alice » December 24th, 2014, 6:15 am

Site's custom bbcode

Centered text

Code: Select all

[center]Centered text[/center]

Crossed out text

Code: Select all

[s]Crossed out text[/s]

Spoilered text

Code: Select all

[sp]Spoilered text[/sp]

 Alternate spoilered text 

Code: Select all

[spoiler]Alternate spoilered text[/spoiler]

Note: This form of spoiler does not hide images. If you wish to spoiler images use the [sp] tags or, if it's nsfw, the [nsfw] tags instead.

These next two are a bit special. They must be used together or they have no real use. The bit labelled "TEST" must match on both of them but the rest of the text between the tags can be whatever you want. For the anchor tags this means you can leave the space between the tags blank if you don't want the anchor to be visible.

Table of Contents link

Code: Select all

[toc=TEST]Table of Contents link[/toc]

Table of Contents Anchor

Code: Select all

[anchor=TEST]Table of Contents Anchor[/anchor]

Background text color

Code: Select all

[background=red]Background text color[/background]

Background text color

Code: Select all

[background=#ff0000]Background text color[/background]

NSFW content goes here REASON ITS NSFW

Code: Select all

[nsfw=REASON ITS NSFW]NSFW content goes here[/nsfw]

Horizontal Rule:

Code: Select all


Padding: (This just adds empty space to your post)

Code: Select all


Rotate: (This one is a bit glitchy, it's best used in conjunction with the [padding] and [center] tags)
Hi! How are you?

Code: Select all

[rotate=10,top left]Hi! How are you?[/rotate]

Thumbnailed images: (Limits images to 500 pixels wide and makes the image a clickable link to the full sized image)

Code: Select all


Embedded audio: (Note: Requires a direct link to the audio file. If you open the link in your browser and can play it directly there then it should work.)

Code: Select all


Rules post
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Re: Rules (Updated: Feb 18th, 2015)

Postby Alice » February 18th, 2015, 12:12 pm

Custom Post Layouts

So as you may have heard we've been working on allowing SMWC style custom layouts. This is your introduction on how to change your layout.

Rules on custom layouts:
  • Keep your layout reasonably easy on the eyes.
  • Do NOT mess with parts of the page outside your own posts and profile.
  • Don't hide any of the default stuff in your posts (quote buttons, postbit, etc.)
Failure to comply with these rules (within reason, legitimate mistakes are understandable) will result in you losing your custom layout privileges.

Important note: If you need help with your layout you're free to pm myself or Absolut Zero. Just make sure you're not relying on us to completely do your custom layout for you.

List of commands to remember and their purpose:

Linked content are CSS commands linking to their page on Mozilla's Developer Network, a very good resource on learning how to use a given CSS command.
Main commands:
  • .post[data-user="Alice"]
    This need to preface every single CSS command you give with the exception of the next one in the list. This allows you to only affect your own posts and no one else's. This is the main container of your post. If you want to give your entire post a background color image, this is where you should do so.
  • form[data-user="Alice"]
    This command works much like the above one except this affects your profile page.

Example format:

Code: Select all

// is a one line comment
Basic format is
     .CLASSNAME { CSS command: command modifiers; }
     htmlelementname { CSS command: command modifiers; }
     Everything between the opening and closing curly brackets (the { and } things) don't need to be on the same line as the brackets. Each command and its modifiers can be on a separate line and must end with a semi-colon. You can put multiple commands on a single line so long as they all have their semi-colons at the end of the command still but this reduces readability.
.post[data-user="Alice"] a:link {
    color: #fff; //This would make links white by default.
.post[data-user="Alice"] img {
    max-width: 500px; //Limits images to 500 pixels in width.
.post[data-user="Alice"] .content {
   background: #000; //Makes the background of my post content black
   border: 1px #128 solid; //Give it a 1 pixel thick solid border of a blue color
   padding: 3px; //Adds three pixels of padding on the inside of each edge
   padding-left: 16px; //Adds 16 pixels of padding on the inside of the left edge, this overrides the above command
   padding-top: 8px;
   padding-bottom: 8px;
   border-radius: 24px; //This curves the corners of the border up to 24px from the corner
   min-height: 205px; //This specifies a minimum height for the .content element. It cannot be smaller than that.
   color: #a5f; //Makes the text a purple color

Global stuff:
  • a
    This affects links. There are four different sub-commands to consider for this.
    • a:link
      Example of how these are used.
    • :link
      This affects unvisited links.
    • :hover
      This affects links you currently have your cursor hovering over.
    • :visited
      This affects links you have previously visited.
    • :target
      This code is only used for the link at the top of your post, and only when your post is the current one linked by the page URL.
  • img
    This affects images.
  • color: #RRGGBB
    This is used for text colors. In #RRGGBB you have each of three colors. RR is red, ranging from 00 to FF in hexadecimal. GG is for green and BB is for blue. This can also be done in the form #RGB and your browser will just duplicate each number. (#ABC becomes #AABBCC.) You can also substitute this with RGBA(RRR, GGG, BBB, T.T) to have transparency. RGB are numbers from 0 to 255 in standard decimal numbering. (0-9.) T.T is a number ranging from 0.0 to 1.0. 0.0 is fully opaque and 1.0 is fully transparent. You can also use colors such as "color: teal;". You can find a list of what color names are valid here.
  • background-color
    Same as above but this affects the background color of an element.
  • background
    This can be used to give an element a background image. (For example my post's background image uses the code "background: url( ... ground.png) right no-repeat #2a003a;" The url(URL) bit specifies the image path, the "right" bit specifies its location in the element (right, left, top, bottom, center, top-right, bottom-right, bottom-left, and top-left are valid values), "no-repeat" specifies that I only want it to appear a single time. (repeat-x, repeat-y, and repeat (repeats on both x and y axes) are other valid values), and "#2a003a" specifies the color I want the rest of the background to be.)
  • padding: 50px;
    This adds extra space to the inside of the element. (padding-left, padding-right, padding-top, and padding-bottom can be used to specify padding in a specific direction.)
  • margin: 50px;
    This adds extra space on the outside of an element. (As with padding, you can use margin-direction to specify a specific direction.)
  • border: 1px solid #000;
    This adds a border to an element. This is done by giving a pixel measurement for the thickness ( 1pixel in this case), a border type (solid, dashed, dotted, double, groove, ridge, inset, outset, and none are valid values), then a color (#000 which is black).
  • border-radius: 8px;
    This rounds off the corners of the border by a specified amount. (8px in this case.)
  • border-width, border-style, border-color
    These commands separate the individual pieces of the above border command in the same order as they are shown there. (width=1px, style=solid, color=#000)
  • box-shadow: inset 1px 2px 3px 4px #83c
    This adds a shadow to the specified element. 1px and 2px are the x and y offset of the shadow respectively. 3px is the blur radius of the shadow. This makes the shadow bigger but also makes it lighter as well. (This number must be positive.) 4px is the spread radius. Higher values make the shadow bigger while negative values make it shrink. #83c is the color of the shadow. Inset is a special command. If it exists then the shadow appears on the inside of the element. If inset is not there then it appears on the outside as normal.

Profile page:
  • .panel
    This is the main profile container. If you wish to change your profile background, do it here. (Note: You can use the suffix ":nth-child(#)" to select a specific panel as well. ".panel:nth-child(3) .inner" for example affects only the .inner class of the third panel, the one that displays your signature.)
  • .inner
    This is equivalent to the .content class for posts. This is where the bulk of your profile information is stored.
  • h3
    Header for each category.
  • .details dt
    These entries are the individual entries on your profile page. (Username, age, last activity, etc.) Note: This isn't the info for those entries but the bits that describe each entry.
  • .details dd
    This bit is the actual entry info.
  • .profile-avatar img
    This affects your avatar.

Thread view:
  • .content
    The main bit of your post. This is where the text you post actually goes. It's more or less equivalent to the .inner class for the profile page.
  • blockquote
    This affects the entirety of a quote. (Note: You can use multiple blockquotes to affect nested quotes up to the maximum of three. For eaxmple blockquote blockquote would affect the second quote when quotes are nested.)
  • blockquote cite
    This is the "USERNAME wrote" bit of the quote.
  • blockquote div
    This is the actual content of the quote.
  • h3
    "h3" affects the link at the top of each post, it should be used in conjunction with the "a" command (.post[user="Alice] h3 a for example) to affect that link.
  • .codebox
    This is the whole code tag.
  • .codebox p
    This is the top bit of the code box.
  • code
    This is the code tag's actual content.
  • .postprofile
    This is the entirety of the user information on the right side of the post.
  • .profile-rank
    This is your rank, if you have one.
  • .profile-posts
    Affects the "Posts: " text.
  • .profile-joined
    This affects the "Joined: " text on your post.
  • .profile-phpbb_location
    Same as above but for "Location: "
  • .profile-contact
    Again, as above, but for "Contact: ".
  • Any of the above three followed by strong (".profile-joined" strong for example.)
    This affects the actual info part of your postbit with the exception of your posts which requires the "a" modifier and the contact field which is an image.
  • .author
    This affects the "post by USERNAME at TIME" bit of your posts.
  • .avatar-container
    This is the container for your avatar. If you wish to give it a curved border, you'll need to do it here. (Make sure to use "box-sizing: border-box !important" if you do that though.)
  • .profile-avatar img
    This affects your avatar itself.
  • .signature
    Does exactly what it looks to do, it affects your signature.
  • .post-buttons li .button
    This affects the buttons (edit, quote, etc.) in your post. You can recolor them through the use of the following commands:
    • background-image: linear-gradient(to bottom, #HEXCOLOR, #HEXCOLOR) !important;
      Substitute whatever hexadecimal colors you want for each of #HEXCOLOR.
    • border-color: #HEXCOLOR;
      This affects the outline of the buttons.
    • box-shadow: 0px 0px 0px 1px #HEXCOLOR !important;
      This affects a spot just inside the border that will otherwise be white/light grey.

Bbcode stuff:
  • .nsfw
    This affects [nsfw] tags.
  • .sp
    This affects collapsible spoiler tags.
  • .nsfw/.sp div
    This affects the bit of nsfw or sp tags that's always showing.
  • .nsfw/.sp .quotecontent
    This affects the hidden bit of nsfw or sp tags.
  • .horz
    This affects [hr] tags. (Horizontal rule.) You'll want to use border-color, border-width, and border-radius to change this.

Code snippets you may wish to use:
    Getting rid of the quotation mark image in quotes

    Code: Select all

    .post[data-user="USERNAME"] blockquote { background-image: url("") !important; }

    Since there is already a background image by default, the only way to get rid of it is to change it. If you give a blank URL though it means it will load no URL. You need to use !important however to force it to use that instead of the default image.

Rules post

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