Derpglish poems and stories!

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Derpglish poems and stories!

Postby Jolpengammler » April 29th, 2015, 9:11 am

So the idea is to write a story or a poem or something then go to google translate, translate it a few times (like English -> French -> Chinese -> Portuguese -> Japanese -> English)
and post it here!

You should post the original text as well.

(in my first example I don't have the original text in English, it's German, but the product in the end is quite grand)


Who will stand in front of the tremendous power to me?
I laughed a little giant?
Sized powerful how to get to the, it is great,
Between this stärk'res
"So, after all, you come here to dwarf!
When you use your size, it is not hit me! "

So, I do cry, terrorist attacks,
I grabbed my bow, jumped on my horse
By giants grabbed his huge sword,
Then, I hit a nearly two feet in front of my eyes!
I shot an arrow in the knee,
But Giants, rugged cow!

He, now, puts the sword in both hands
And now, I would like to use it as the ax
He hit me on the side of the flat sword
My head suffering from pain, and curse!
Giants, stumbled to attack me
"Now, I make a delicious soup for you!"

Giants have been normally driven
But here, my courage, we recommend long tails!
I took a smell house of pack
It can not withstand the stench of the farmers!
Bag is tight, it does not rip
I also tried to prevent free bite me.

At home, with him, I was stunned and stench
Back to the bag in the closet.
"It's really not the end of me!"
I whispered, but I'm still thinking anything.
Giant stomach rumble heard today,
He began pot ingredients in its production.

"It is time, now I will take me."
I think giant said turned to me,
I pulled his pants my little knife
Mom always "it is better, more is good, to put it!" Said the
He grabbed my hand, huge,
I am dependent on the rear wall of the cabinet.

He, I hesitate, did not meet
And let him down a little with his hands!
I have received a rapidly reduced shock
I heard a sound, came out to the outside,
Giants, cried the loudest throat
"When I eat your soul!"

So I after the giant, came out,
I look at the horse, I've missed a lot,
I, faster than the horse, jumped on the saddle
You, I did not land on your plate, it is!
Giants, stumbled into the river
He will not be able to swim her grief.

Giants, have died more fear,
Back village, I said, "You are now, is a huge free!"
I owe a big festival,
There is a statue that has been built on a large base.
Fame and glory I have my,
Most rich, it is the person who is most respected.
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Re: Derpglish poems and stories!

Postby Tovarisch Red Yoshi » April 29th, 2015, 10:21 am

This happened out of this song

We want the whole world bavuolk
Farmers and field seeds.
We suspect that in the next test,
Our future, and we have in place.

And the red flag fly
How can we learn to budget
We got a real Fighter
We have employees in Vienna.

Home treatment, the owner
Finally, UK.
In the future,
Engende Cat explosion.

In fact, flying, etc.

US crude oil prices, growing lights
Remove the Renaissance spirit.
His ability to break down iron Dungeon
We offer end to the war.
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Re: Derpglish poems and stories!

Postby EarthPhantomTS » April 29th, 2015, 12:38 pm

Be warned, this is long. And porn.

The original text is here: Porn. And lots of fetishes

Anyway, translated from English to Chinese to Japanese to Basque to Turkish then back to Basque, back to Japanese, back to Chinese, back to English, is apparently this:

Adele has been moved to the end of the attack hand dioxide Queen's castle. King, precious stones and automotive magic fairy queen, was promised air "has released" The Queen, etc., have become deep.

"I did not work, it's not so bad?" Adele, anti Xian Seh'h told her friend.

"Yes, yes, my mother, my queen, the result is bound to become a bad betrayal deception, suspicion seems not clear, there is no evidence around" because he said that the people go, that I accompany Adele He said.

Adele, even strange existence, or at least a complete situation is very organized. Mobile glass, leather, spectators vitamin D deficiency or she is also very thin black shoulder-length hair look, dark brown eyes, you can ask. He stands 5'8 "tall ...... Yes, of course, because the 6'1", 5-inch heels, it was there. No girl E cup, touching her belly to the heart to help her wearing tight black T-shirt on top, wear comfortable, in front of the bra, which is not very good, the skull has not been renovated, but the pants in the same way, it is Great. Instead, color scheme and white pants and white checkered pattern. As mentioned above, his foot, 5-inch heel hook completely unrealistic clothes, then people wearing heavy black boots it will work, because it is there is the possibility of a stand Adel, though, I can easily smuggled human woman can walk alone units. In fact, Adele, they can in recent years to be able to wear, not the unit is doing the heel and toe, 3-inch flip-flop a little better sense of humor and the rest of Adele position of .... .. over other methods, we will be able to make the back to put his foot in his foot tendon member!

Chances are, some of the wicked fairy 阿黛尔安西 benefits, such as Knight, known as the dark it is considered some of the air vassal queen. Game, women, people in order to strengthen etiquette, special and unusual game Vata'r anti-fairy magic to swear allegiance to a particular part of the city this is a bad fairy knight. His anti-fairy diving women, including embryonic become FAE rights, transitional Unseeli knight magic rituals. Those existing shareholders and all the bad fairy of wisdom, it was the failure than the general anatomical differences account practical wear, have to dress like them (in some cases, so back to his conversion, women tend to get time of birth, for example, bold clothes are fine) to do so.

In addition, it establishes a concept for Xianede Sariaderu, some "mother." Adel him, why not let him and I said, she was pulled into his thoughts, into the crime because it is, Shironoma queen girlfriend Adele, reports, fairy tale knight Seeley said, and his girlfriend asking Queen's Award for loyalty risk of injury to the idea of ​​military rival, the GEM line Adele speech and women flirting queen, the defendant returned. His last mission, his loyal risk, in the end, Shengedaier and time requirements, report on their side back wages queen. And because the immortal daughter say, it is based on what is just to make sure you accept Adel.

Because fun night, "?" Adele problem, "because you have to reward me, I do not think so."

After the incident, the answer is I thought for a moment. "Maybe it makes there, after all, not his overall, although the Queen's bonus."

Adel laugh thinking about it. Many weather was dark Adel seemed to regard his shoes, I always feel that she claimed virginity, I would like to congratulate the Queen and his queen, and now look.

*** --- ***

Because it produces in warm trapdoor, excitement and Aderuaderu fairy tales, to verify the fairy before, they went to his king castle. Sin "SA Majesty, his wife Adele and I went back, called the H'H Sally! His wife Adele has proven to be due to the loyalty and GEM!"

In this way, the aurora in the night sky beautiful shadow display immediately integrated communication, it seems to undermine the throne began collecting location. Bright, dark beauty of this image is a big step. Because it is very high, and has just eight inches of steel high-heeled sandals, attacked the presence or absence of seven feet. He was wearing a black bikini body metal tip. In most cases, in fact, in fact, nipples, mountain resting under the watchful eyes of the theme, hide, cover luxury G cup breasts. As you can ignore his work ticket, because C * NT strength, ass metal is open, if you do not know better than the bottom line, this is the system is very important. Approved hair, deep blue flowing hair radiation. Our fingers, therefore, the last two sentences, why Adele fall, he ...... this Agreement king, the old, "Well, hurry wife Adele, is not your candle, so long cherry tree, I put the money, stop, because the temptation to puff Adele held, the Queen! "award smile, it is because the stones.

"Great, Miss Adele. They have proven that it is faithful to me. This is my bedroom chanting at night, a special award, the Queen," Adel was dropped like a stone.

"Y -! Yes, my queen, thank you," Adel said Adele let her cigarette and second drag queen "Yes, yes, yes, this will be the best night of my life!" Doctors cry

*** --- ***

That night, Adele is a media black stockings and high heels trust towel castle feet 6 inches, please wear. Her boots, because everything depends on you, delete a bit that night, and took about five minutes, guardhouse what will not be brought back to the working condition, the evil fairy dress it has ended. However, as mentioned above, it is the pair of high heels walk, is not important. In fact, he actually moving six inches heel, is considered interference task, "mission" is the best. Such as Adele, mobility, it is necessary to please wear high heels is not surprising that only five inches. You can run him in his mission, walking, this 6 inches heel. He left the woman, Adela, 6-inch heels, or, I think. Others wear a full-time fishing for them, not only unfounded clean his pants and boots, the original Adela.

Adele will reach the Queen's private rooms. "Andrea Adel," very seriously, he said, prompting the Queen croon

He waited for her to have a great view, was opened Adele door. Typically, lock, sealed cupboard queen, ... Now, you need to have high heels and open rack shelf. I have never seen such a collection of Adele drooling all beautiful shoes. Queen "Yes, great, these shoes royal family?" She whispered Adel suicide. Queen, barefoot with your fingers, experts believe that the station Adele, in his own words, why "Well, I ask to put it tonight? I'm going to the Queen, they want to teach you, but I think it will mean the Misuaderu "jealousy. Honestly, I'm surprised the doctor Adel, as representatives of all the bad fairy, Adele, standing bare feet 3 inches this switch heel, high-heeled Queen's position, floor 6 inches, inter alia, barefoot and I was filling the dark air. Of course, the most troubled of the shoe sun Adel some of them, just as it is you can go look sexy, I was in their shoes. After 5 minutes, shark fin, it reminds them of these small teeth and cast metal. Such as providing small heel 9 inches, feet, heels height of absurdity internet. Adele has been shipped back to the queen. Us, "Oh, very good choice, you have to like the swelling of his wife.?" I said the Queen invited overview of how his elegant Victorian hotel punch. Adele, sitting, and asked: "? You put my feet do"

Adel quietly pulled her to her feet, "respect my queen, my," she said. So now, his queen, passionately kissed not, we will reduce Adel.

"Stupid towel, Miss Adele draw you why, but if you do not, now, here? S," the Queen said it was 60 seconds. Adele then secretly queen, she has been locked in the second passionate kiss, he threw a towel left gasping, he said. Legs queen, now, and bobbing, metal boots, as long as you wear his father's girlfriend Adele excited about Deep Throat. Adel, coughing and gasping breath after the final 90 seconds, and the increase of happiness. In addition, card stock, the rest of the breast, lick her only cares about the members, today I licked nipple sucking queen. Queen or moan gain traction. "Oh, oh, Miss Adele ...... ...... I do not want to try this suggestion, my milk?" The Queen relief. Adel is just, he was shaking his head, I looked up, unable to speak by the thrill of the pathway. "Ah, Mrs. Adele God, taste honey," said the Queen, in lactic acid.

Only queen Adele delicious growled breast milk. Adele, it is to taste the taste of God, is better than anything else. Some snack "So ... so Adele in ......, fruit, milk is not conducive to the holy!" If you can not drink, they are his heaven I say you look like a real queen. "I ......" Adel had sighed. Queen of the water, however, because it seems to have a plan, which is Adel cat, I found the bottom of the water. Then, he was very satisfied with milk Adel sky. This line, the language is still his mouth a little downtime budget Adel open, because the body has decided to rise kneeling on the bed partner. Adel, explicitly or implicitly queen, drink Erie, then enjoy the chorus of the Queen. Adele, the queen sat, C language * NT "Oh! Oh!" Back to laughter minute, desperately Adele, Queen of pearls, vast amounts of water and dirt from the push, check-in, which will reduce the bite orders. He was unable to get the last drop. However, he drew a satisfactory feet Queen: Finally, her favorite part of the body under the joy of Adele movement.

Accidents, age, gender, because Adele's responsibility, I have a shoe fetish. In addition, Adel day at school, the majority of 4 inches high heels to dress this young family, she is not a coincidence, it is I wear, I was bitter. Willing to three inches above the heel 阿黛尔安西 profit which is easy to wear. Fairy is a bad knight, it does not always wear high heels bad: lots of high heels is no longer a threat to the poor practice on their own feet! Finally, secretly automatic adolescence and Adele, we hope. This trap, will be one of her high heels. In high school, as her high heels, and why high school, he was wearing out of 4 inches. "It is difficult to understand exactly how the study:" high-heeled shoes, she was young, "said the girl grew up in high heels" to the foot, it can be used year-round by. However, this is not a flat surface Adel's birthday with his feet still planted 18 years ago, because he felt the body so that it can grow, in his words, it is too late that is. Ø achieve the effect, among other things, there is a summary of the tendon surgery, she surprised her was pregnant I thought crime. His hypocrisy Queen: Now, great way to enjoy your shoes Adel superstition.

Queen Adele, has left a long, narrow heel foot consensus mouth. Another good idea is to come in the box and go. Fortunately, her mouth, she was sitting in her legs spread. Her cat scratches Yinnv king by the heel, hard and deep, but might satisfy their desire prosperity, I was surprised. Queen "Oh, masturbation, shoes, not only, I said no layer it? The same situation ...... .." Because I want to keep it to help women translate Adel temperament heel shoe and foot movement, told ball. Adel happiness. He tries to masturbate in front of the shoe, but incompetent, it is expected to take all the time to complete. This rotation does not know the subtle grace of heel queen, Adele, tremor oath about. Adele, but felt immediately, he suddenly pulled his heel queen, "it's my turn!"

You put her breasts, your, genitals, high fashion heels, then Adel growth opportunities, is beginning to lick Adele Adele bed when, in front of the queen, the queen Adele black iron and nail to extend her nails "I whispered a virgin?"

Alder reaction, yes, "my sexy, the most beautiful in the world, not only saves a lot of fun. Depends"

The Queen is "," Miss Adele, "the most innocent of the last vestiges, genitals and Aderuaderu, according to lead in their feet, will be in the upper part of his lungs screaming! True when he intends to say at the end of the meter'm woman! "Thank you for the kind words

After Adele, "I, I love your queen." He whispered to her ear Queen

Queen, why after couscous love the answer, "he Adele, I think it is that you know me, you will." It is a coincidence.

He stood up, "It's too sexy Pride ......" The girl and her queen, as Adele said fell asleep hugging kissing.

*** --- ***

When she woke up one morning eyes, we are ready to Queen Adele agenda of the day, he stood barefoot. Adele 9-inch pieces, then, to sleep, to carry the label, it looks like around the queen metal and surprised "by your boat, my queen do?"

Queen, smile, look "behind the scenes Misuaderu behind," he said.

Aderupazuru, I did ... and, her high heels, boots laying close to, I found myself in the foot. "What any ─" Adele cry.

The Queen said: "This afternoon, I will be pulled together and remind us to use."

Adel, oh, do very sexy though, we sigh, "come into contact with them, I use all of the 5-inch heel, so. To be out of the office, I do not, I do not know anything!"

Since you make this pair of boots, let your identity, to know those things Wife:. "?! I do know that in order to meet the queen, of course, you can continue with" You need to select Adele to excellence in the most appropriate of

Adele, these boots are actually some of the beds are very comfortable with the program, go to her surprise. Adel 6 inches heels down, but he still wore, at the same time, it is likely you have to wonder whether it is necessary to shorten the program, he decided to stick to it below. Instead, he asked the team whether or not the sex queen might be to kiss her heels and say goodbye. Queen, tobacco, then "I'm sorry, Mrs. Adele, I, each user needs," he said.

Adele complaint was, "Oh, this is very bad ......"

The Queen, however reasonable, "You, me, the fairy tale sleeping with her, maybe I, you can take the following three methods. However," He took a hit.

Adel and samples. "Oh, really, Erie 3 ?! Oh, thank you!"

How to make their boots, but Erie conspiracy and his bag queen, of course, trust ITSI
Do not even know its coherent enough to call it porn, but better safe than sorry

P.S. Sorry if a porn story written by me is an "unacceptable" passage. I'll do this with something like Enuma Elish or the Gilgamesh Epic if it is (and maybe even if it isn't), assuming I can find them online. Still though, you're not too surprised, are you :tstick2: :theart: ? Also, spoilers, I didn't even read the text. I don't have time to right now :undecided:
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Re: Derpglish poems and stories!

Postby Lead Luigi » April 29th, 2015, 2:30 pm

Knock knock on the ankle
TOU of the talus of NOK NOK

From "Knock Knock it's Knuckles"
something's coming...

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